The 9 MoreThanDigital VALUEs

Our values ensure that we work together in the best way possible while fulfilling our mission to bring digital closer to all global organizations.

We are “More Than Digital”
Technology is the driver but we look behind the scenes. We always look at the people behind and we know that there is more than digital involved.

We look further but act now
Future is our main driver and we get ahead by keeping the next step in mind. With that future in mind we act now and deliver what is needed, so everybody can take the steps to the future.

We think about the impact
Each action can lead to a significant impact on individuals. We always focus on delivering the best impact with our actions with every step we take.

We work as a team
Collaboration is what made MoreThanDigital big. We focus on delivering the best results through teamwork, through collaborative approaches and also to implement our partners in the process.

We show courage
New ideas, challenge of the status-quo and the ability to speak out is what we encourage everybody to do. We give the freedom to do the right thing in the face of resistance and moral dilemmas.

We are committed to performance
We encourage our people to deliver the best results in the private and professional life. For this we are working together as teams to leverage the best of every individual.

We seek knowledge and provide insights
Beeing curious and constantly up to date is one of our core beliefes. We support the gathering of knowledge and also to share this knowledge to help others.

We are commited to our community
Supporting our local communities, building strong relationships and helping those who seek for help. Our communities help us and we are there for our community.

We act with integrity
Our biggest goal is to uphold our professional standard and maintain our independence to deliver the best results as a neutral partner for everyone.


“Values can not be taught, but only lived.”

– The basics of MoreThanDigital