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Who is MoreThanDigital?

MoreThanDigital grew to a global leading platform to help millions of executives. We find solutions to inform, activate and also enable people to challenge the future.

7 Languages

Since 2021 MoreThanDigital covers 7 languages. Bringing knowledge and solutions around the world.

2.5+ mio Executives trust us

Millions of Executives around the world trust us. More than one third of our users return on a weekly basis and more than half on a monthly basis.

Unique Solutions

MoreThanDigital looks for highly scalable solutions to help companies, individuals and governments to tackle challenges of the future or market inefficiencies. 



The heart of everything MoreThanDigital is doing. With the platform we share knowledge from hundreds of companies, organizations and experts.


As MoreThanDigital we focus on large scale impact. Therefore we developed formats for economic development and also large scale education.


An industry leading platform that helps companies to identify their weaknesses, strengths and their maturity. With this companies can focus on what is important.


Bringing together innovation, start-ups, organizations, innovation hubs and economic regions for better financing, visibility and network.


A platform and complete new way of further education. Giving everyone access to education and fostering international exchange and skill transfer.

We look for the solutions no-one else thought is possible. Therefore our promise will always be to #bethechange.


Technology and knowledge for the good of everyone.
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Using Technology for the Good of Everyone

Our goal is to use latest technologies to make a positive impact on the world. Therefore we are focusing on topics about social, economy, education and environment.

Sharing Knowledge for Everyone and Everywhere

We care deeply about sharing knowledge without boundaries. Our aim is to give everyone the same chances and access to information.

Finding Solutions that Help as Many as possible

Our goal is to find inefficient market dynamics and try to solve them with technology and highly-scalable approaches. So we can give everyone access.

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Our Story

Benjamin Talin

"I was just frustrated with all this marketing and bull**** around digital and innovation" - With this sentence Ben started the journey of MoreThanDigital. What was first a blog with simply explained articles soon became one of the leading platforms worldwide to give everyone access to information and top expert knowledge.

Since the formation of the Platform in 2018 MoreThanDigital thrives to look for impactful solutions to give everyone access to education, information, knowledge, tools and also solutions to be prepared for the future.

Benjamin Talin

Founder of MoreThanDigital


"Great format - a must for all entrepreneurs who want to help shape the digital change"

"MoreThanDigital is a knowledge platform on which independent authors publish their expertise in blog format. Ideally suited for reading into specialist topics and for detailed research!"

"Really great format. From simple to complex. Something for everyone. Highly recommended."

Frequently asked questions

  • Does MoreThanDigital allow Advertisements, Backlinks or sell Guest-Posts?
    NO - We never sold and will never sell articles, backlinks or anything else. The platform is focused on delivering highest quality content from leading experts and companies.
  • Do you have a quality process?
    YES - Every Expert, Member, Partner, Solution and Article gets screened according to highest standards. We promise to do our best to give the highest standards in every aspect.
  • How do you make money?
    MoreThanDigital is built on the believe that there can be solutions for everyone accessible. This is why we built it on the promise to give everyone access and only charge for additional value on top. 
  • Do you offer consulting?
    NO - We are not offering consulting.
    All our services are accessible to everyone and if more help is needed, you are free to contact our members and partners.
  • How can we work together?
    We are more than happy to welcome new Experts, Companies, Organizations and Partners. Also we work together with Governments, Ministries and Economic Development Agencies.

We dare to think
and out-of-the-box.

About MoreThanDigital

MoreThanDigital is a leading global platform that is trusted by millions of executives.

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