Morethandigital.info – how it all began…

When others were still playing football or grooming their ponies in the stable, Benjamin Talin was already an entrepreneur – MoreThanDigital.info is only the youngest project in his 13th year of life as a founder ! With a total of 11 companies, including 361consult, helm361, digitalPOS and other projects, his heart beats for innovation and disruption. As a consultant and advisor, he now supports companies, governments and organizations in digitization. He regularly travels the world as a keynote speaker to inspire as many people as possible for innovation and digital transformation and to educate them.

No wonder that a digital freak of the first hour and always at the pulse of new developments and trends was annoyed at some point, that there was no place on the net where content was neutral, without industrial policy to operate and above all with an added value for other interested users. Used to taking things into his own hands, he started a blog to explain his own knowledge neutrally and simply – and above all to share it with other people! More and more like-minded people not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany and Austria benefit from the approach of acting broadly networked and sharing knowledge.

In a highly specialized, dynamic and digitally transformed world you can’t control all business areas and topics yourself – and so Benjamin Talin opens his blog also for other authors who provide their expert knowledge – the conversion to morethandigital.info takes place!

MoreThanDigital has become one of the leading platforms in the German-speaking world when companies, experts and interested users need to be able to use the entire range of relevant digitisation topics for themselves. The latest news on digital marketing, digital transformation, digital HR, digital business, digital security, digital strategy and digital trends are constantly updated and analysed by the expert authors. Very important: technical jargon is out of place here. Comprehensible, clear, transparent communication on the topics of digital transformation – that is the core of MoreThanDigital.

The strategy of integrating expert writers and representing the know-how of leading specialists from the business world on a daily basis is paying off 100%. A visit to MoreThanDigital always promises a new topic, a fresh look, a change of perspective. It is unmistakable that the “willing and able” find, collect and romp around on this platform, who do not place the risks but the opportunities of digital transformation in the foreground and want to help shape change.

With the guiding principles: “No advertising, no backlinks and only articles with real added value”, MoreThanDigital has succeeded in generating broad support from well-known companies (check the partner list on this page/link). Public administrations in Switzerland, Austria and Germany also benefit from the strategy of learning from the best experts in German-speaking countries.
After only 10 months since launch, MoreThanDigital.info has become the largest initiative in the DACH region! Around 100 experts are active here, and we support various events. 


“No advertising, no backlinks and only articles with real added value”

– The basics of MoreThanDigital