Benjamin Talin
Founder MoreThanDigital
Hans-Dieter Blatecki
COO & Co-Founder MoreThanDigital

Founder of and 11-time serial entrepreneur since he’s 13 years old. As the founder of 361consult, helm361, digitalPOS and other projects, his heart beats for innovation and disruption. As a consultant and advisor, he helps companies, governments and digitization organizations. He is a regular keynote speaker worldwide, inspiring and educating as many as possible about innovation and digital transformation..

The business economist and supply chain manager, lived in Germany, USA, HongKong and from 2009 in Switzerland. For over 25 years, the passionate change manager has not only changed the digital landscape in purchasing and supply chain, he also but significantly in the adjacent business areas of SMEs and DAX listed companies.
As a long-time executive, Hans-Dieter worked worldwide as Head of Purchasing, Project Manager, Commercial Director and Managing Director. His wide-ranging industry experience and broad and in-depth knowledge help SMEs in particular, in the digital transformation, to make knowledge from business and science understandable and available to everyone. Since June 2018, he has worked as co-founder and COO at, where he manages the operative business processes.